03 May, 2015

Lush Oxford Street Store

Last week Lush opened their brand new Oxford Street store to the public, it spans over three floors and is the largest Lush shop in the world. That's not even the best part though, the shop also has a range of 225 new products available exclusively in store.

I had no idea that the shop was opening and just happened to be walking down Oxford Street when I spotted it, having been away in Paris for a month I had not been to Oxford Street in quite a while.
My first impression was WOW! that's a large new Lush but when I stepped inside I began to realize it was filled with new products, my heart started racing.
New soaps! Sea Salted Caramel & Layer Cake smelt amazing.
And new shower gels.
Even oversized shower jellies like this mahoosive lemon one.
That wasn't the only think that was oversized though! they are now doing 1kg bottles of shower gels & shampoo's *faints*. Also these bizarre sheets of shower gel *dizzy*.
Their makeup range has also been spruced up with these strange triangle things I was told were eyeshadows.
New lipsticks.
And square cream blush looking things.
Their are also new toothy tabs, tooth powders and lip balms.
And gourmet soaps, what ever that is ?!
As well as new skincare.
& hair care products.
Which don't really appeal to me.
I've never been much of a fan of Lush's skin care or hair stuff.
& that's just the ground floor.
Upstairs is all about bath bombs and bubble bars.
Which is probably what Lush are known for most.
Seeming as they basically created them.

A new creation of theirs though is these solid bath oils.
They look like bonbons in a sweet shop or spices on a market in Marrakech.
You can pick and mix whih ones you want, my favourites were shark infested custard and an apple one I can't remember the name of now.
There is also a whole host of newly designed bubble bars and bath bombs from cherry blossoms to windmills.
To ones that resemble strange Japanese flowers. 
That make these most amazing colours in the bath.
On one side of this floor there is this Ikea style gift box area.
And on the other there is the Fun play dough area were you can mold and shape Lush's 4 in 1 bath & shower putty into what ever you want.
There is also loads of new types of fun from this aliens and monsters one.
To orange, purple & my favourite gold.
On the bottom floor is the calm zone.
This is where the Lush Spa is.
Where you can get loads of different Lush treatments and massages.
They also have these new bamboo candles.
And the full Gorilla Perfume range.
Speaking of Gorilla Perfumes whilst I was browsing the fragrances I was pulled in to this perfume cinema or gallery of something by one of the staff.
It was a sensory experience, where you entered the room wearing headphones playing music and the fragrance was pumped into the room.
There were different room for different fragrances.
The best of which was the Stayin' Alive booth where you had to dress up in 70s gear.
Listen to the Bee Gees and even pose for a selfie.

The entire experience was totally overwhelming, for years I've thought why doesn't Lush have a shop on Oxford Street but this was beyond what I could of ever expected. It was like a treasure hunt searching all over the shop for the new products, if you are a Lushie get down there now, you won't regret it.


  1. Are you planning to do a lush haul video sometime?

  2. Dear Richie,
    5 yrs ago i had a bad accident broke my leg and was in bed for 3 months.. at the time i never watched you tube after reading and watching tv and becoming very bord i decided to watch a few tutorials for fun I came across your channel and i was so amazed at your talent and how much you knew about cosmetics and about clothing... I'm a makeup artist for many yrs and love fashion as well.. laying in bed i became depressed felt very left out and lonely I would watch your channel and was so inspired by you i have followed you since I can say you really helped me to get out of my funk and I began to feel better as in getting back out there I even went back to work and told people about your channel so many people had herd of you ... I live in NYC for you to say flake or uninspired i can relate however you came across to me as that only someone who knew way beyond there yrs about so many amazing things.. I think its wonderful your going to school for what you really want.. I will miss you but as you said you will vlog or maybe do some turtorials i will be watching for you as i find you to be so fascinating and such an edge about you.. someone who knows about so much.. you taught me so much.. thank you for giving us a tiny insight of your life your thoughts and your insperations as I only wish i could meet you once if you ever came back to NYC and no I'm not a stalker or a crazy person lol just someone who admires your talent and your drive for style and how you have such knowledge for such wonderful things..Im sure you will go far in life.. you have the drive and the gift to do it.. wishing you all the best... thank you again for helping me to feel better about life and to fall in love with fashion again....A friend from NYC XO