10 May, 2012

Escada - The Best Of 20 Years Of Summer Fragrances - 2012

To celebrate 20 years of summer fragrances Escada have relaunched three of their best selling annual fruity fragrances. I've only recently become interested in Escada's summer fragrances after smelling last years 'Taj Sunset', so this is a great way for me to try out some of the most popular ones from years gone by.

I picked up this set of miniature 4ml bottles in Debenhams, to test out and see which ones I liked best. It was a great deal as you get five 4ml bottles for £22.00, awesome if your a collector which is what I'm quickly becoming. It also included 'Taj Sunset' and 'Marine Groove' but I'm just focusing on the newly rereleased ones today.
Wild Strawberry, Raspberry, Pink Grapefruit, Blackcurrant
Lily of the Valley, Red Peony, Violet
Cashmeran, Vanilla, Musks

The first one is 2002's Sexy Graffiti which I have to say is my least favourite of the lot. To me it smells like cheap strawberry shower gel, it's quite a young fragrance and not at all sophisticated. It does evolve slightly on the skin, as more of the peony and vanilla musk comes out but it still doesn't lose it's strawberry shortcake feel for me.
Orange, Passion Flower, Mango
Magnolia, Sunny Accord, White Peach
Hibiscus, Blond Woods, Musky Notes, Red Fruits

Next up is 2004's Island Kiss which is probably my second favourite. This one is quite difficult to describe it's a bit of everything but ultimately it is tropical. It starts off smelling like a boozy cocktail served on a beach front but quickly turns in to a sweet berries and tropical fruit fragrance, with a hint of coconut and floral notes. This would be the perfect fragrance for a holiday romance.
Tangerine, Papaya, Pineapple
Pina Colada, Sugarcane, Blush Peach
Driftwood, Sandalwood, Musky Notes

And finally is my favourite, 2005's Rockin' Rio. This one is ultra fruity and super sweet, the main notes I get are papaya, pineapple, sugar and woodsy notes. It has a freshness about it too, it's super fun and vivacious just like the city it's inspired by. This has nostalgic qualities to it for me too, as it reminds me of an old friend and the times we spent together in the blazing hot summer sun. If I would recommend picking up any of these it would most definitely be this one.
So there you have it! those are my thoughts on this years Escada summer fragrances. I will say that all of these have moderate longevity and sillage, so they will need to be reapplied throughout the day but that's normal for most Eau de Toilette's. They are only available for a limited period of time in sizes of 30ml, 50ml & 100ml, I can see these being really popular this summer so get them while you can.


(Photos copyright of Richie Nickel)


  1. My favourite is sexy grafity

  2. Is there a way where I can get a sample to try them out before I buy them?

    1. Absolutely! If you go to https://www.escada-fragrances.com/en/free-perfume-samples/ you can get free tester strips of these fragrances sent to your house. It isn't a vial but at least it's enough to smell the fragrance and try it on your skin before you buy it. :) hope that helps. xx

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