20 February, 2012

BALENCIAGA Pre Fall/Winter 2012-13 Collection

This week Balenciaga unveiled it's pre F/W 2012 collection and I have to say I'm absolutely in love with it. Nicolas Ghesquiere did a fantastic job on creating this 80s inspired collection and I'm already wishing summer away wanting to wear this colour palette.

I'm never much of a fan of the spring/summer collections and I'm over this years pastels before they've even begun, just as I was with last years colour blocking.
This pre fall collection also gives us a really good insight into what to expect from next weeks F/W show in Paris.
If you know me well you'll know that I'm a massive Balenciaga fan but haven't loved Ghesquiere's work in the past couple of years. It's been a little lackluster in my opinion but this collection gets me excited about Balenciaga again.
I adore anything with an 80s reference and Ghesquiere always manages to mix it up whilst being classically Balenciaga.
The colour palette is what makes me most excited, I'm obsessed with the mix of tones and textures in earthy 80s/70s shades.
I die for this collection but what are your thoughts? will you be rocking this style come winter? or are you more excited for this summers patisserie pastels?


(Video and images courtesy of Balenciaga)


  1. Hi Richie:

    I hope you had an amazing time in Paris, although you looked quite miserable in one of your videos. You likely had vertigo from the lift in the Eiffel Tower and I am certain the chilly conditions didn't help. So sorry that you didn't get all of the Thierry Mugler goodies that you wanted. Something similar happened to me in NYC last summer and I will admit that I was a little pouty for a while, but then I had a Red Velvet Cupcake from Crumb and felt much better.

    I like this collection for the same reasons you mentioned. As we always seem to be lagging a year behind Europe, the colour block 'thing' is just beginning to happen here in Canada. I quite like colour block (you have to admit that some of the shoes are adorable), but must be careful as I am not very tall and it can quite easily make me look blocky!

    I truly enjoy your videos and updates and have learned quite a few things from you, including the fact that I can likely quality for the MacPro Card. Despite the fact that I no longer work in the biz, my Esthetics License is still valid. I can't believe I've been paying full prices all of these years.



  2. Hey Susan, Thanks for your comment. Yeh that wasn't a great day for me the weather was miserable and that always lowers my mood. I had a great time in Paris though and can't wait to go back. In a way this collection is colour blocking but it's done in a far more sophisticated way than last summers whites and brights. So glad you enjoy my content and that you've learnt a thing or two, that's what it's all about.
    xx Richie