26 August, 2011

OCC LO-FI S/S 2011 Collection Review & Swatches

OCC LO-FI is a polarizing reaction to the HD makeup craze, OCC encourages makeup artists and enthusiasts alike to shrug off the scrutiny and bring it back to basics, with a palette of resolute shades that bring rack focus back to the wearer. This selection six new Lip Tars, Loose Colours and Nail Lacquers does just that, in a strong and fearless fashion.

'Reverb' Lip Tar
'Reverb' Lip Tar on lips
Reverb is a true red with yellow undertones which OCC describe as a "YELLOW-BASED FIRE ENGINE RED" . I found that it applied opaquely and gives the lips a real Snow White look.
'Interlace' Lip Tar
'Interlace' Lip Tar on lips
Interlace is a neutral peach shade which OCC describe as a "SUBTLE PEACH NEUTRAL". I found that it didn't apply as opaquely as I would have liked but this is an issue I have noticed sometimes with Lip Tars which I will talk more about later. 
Other than that a great wearable summer shade.
'Lo-Fi' Lip Tar
'Lo-Fi' Lip Tar on lips
Lo-Fi which OCC describe as an "OPAQUE MINT GREEN, ALSO NEUTRALIZES RED" but it is in fact a lime green with yellow undertones. As OCC mention it can be used under foundation to correct any redness but it works much better as an edgy editorial lime lip, a unique shade to find and I found that it did apply as opaquely as expected. 
'Analog' Lip Tar
'Analog' Lip Tar on lips
Analog is an unusual shade for me which OCC describe as 'TOBACCO LEAF GOLDEN BROWN' but it reminds me of cola bottles. Its certainly not a shade I would wear unless it was for a specific look but I can imagine it would look fantastic on darker skinned people.
'Beta' Lip Tar
'Beta' Lip Tar on lips
WOW! Beta what a shade! its a neon orange which OCC describe as exactly that a "VIVIDLY NEON ORANGE". Again applied as opaque as expected and is a brilliantly unique shade suitable for any skin tone that wants to make a statement.
'Tone' Lip Tar
'Tone' Lip Tar on lips
And finally Tone, well what a disappointment, this shade is the one I had the most trouble with. It applied sheerly (as you can see from the above photo) which I don't expect from Lip Tar and I found it gave the lips a really unwearable porn star pout. I usually love this shade which OCC describe as "SLIGHTLY GREYED MAUVE/PINK" but this one didn't do it for me.
   'Reverb'         'Interlace'           'Lo-Fi'              'Analog'           'Beta'             'Tone'

Overall the Lip Tars in this collection were hit and miss for me. One major issue I've noticed with alot of Lip Tars is that if they are left sitting for a while they begin to separate and they become very water/oily with what ever base OCC use and the pigmentation isn't there anymore like it should be. Its frustrating and sure you can try and roll the tube between your hands and whack it around but it just doesn't work.
That being said there are of course some great shades in this collection my favourites being Lo-Fi, Interlace, Beta & Reverb.
Flawed is a stunning metallic old gold which OCC describe as a "TRUE, ALMOST BRASSY GOLD". Its like liquid gold to apply super silky smooth and uber blendable. I also really love that it is more of a brassy gold as some golds can look really off and yellow on the skin (I'm talking about you M.A.C 'Gold' Pigment).
Bitmap is a super sparkly country apple green with yellow undertones which OCC describe as "RICH, LEAFY GREEN WITH VIBRANT GOLD SHIMMER". I have to say I love this shade as a green type of shade its not that unique but there is something really special about  Bitmap its like a chameleon sometimes green sometimes gold but definitely worth a second look because you might miss it.
Noise is a dusty raspberry with a blue duochrome which OCC describe as a "MUTED REDDISH PLUM WITH PINK/BLUE DUOCHROME" a very unique shade but out of all of the loose colours from this collection this one had the least pigmentation.
Artifact is a reddish brown with gold shimmer which OCC describe as "DEEP COPPER WITH RED SHIMMER"  I have to say this shade is the one that excited me the least, sure it is a nice shade which I'm sure will appeal to a lot of people but to be its a bit blah.
Next Up Distortion my favourite shade which OCC describe as a"DARK, SMOKY NAVY WITH GREEN AND GOLD REFLECTIONS" which is reasonably accurate.
I love this shade because its super smooth and silky to apply, has great pigmentation and creates the perfect smokey eye.
And finally Hum,which is a peach with a fuzzy pink duochrome that OCC describe as pretty much exactly that "VIVID PEACH WITH STRONG PINK DUOCHROME".
This shade is very unique and I love the pink duochrome.
    'Flawed'             'Bitmap'           'Noise'           'Artifact'       'Distortion'          'Hum'

So Overall I really like the loose colour pigments in this collection, there were a few that didn't tickle my fancy like Artifact and Noise's lack of pigmentation but even then all of them were moderately pigmented which is an improvement from my initial review.

This collection gets a thumps up from me I love the old school static 70's TV influence as well, its certainly a unique concept and that is what OCC does best.
Although there were a few products that didn't win it for me I would recommend checking them out and trying them for yourself.

Available from www.occmakeup.com (US) & www.love-makeup.co.uk (UK)


Disclosure: The products featured in this post were sent to me by love-makeup.co.uk
(All photos copyright of Richie Nickel)



  2. i love love love love OCC lip tars! I especially love making my own custom colors by mixing them! They are fabulous for that!

    Also have you tried the Sleek Pout paints? (I think it's pout paints) They are very very similar to the lip tars